What Are Some Handwriting Exercises for Kids?


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Practice worksheets, paint-bag writing, glue writing, homemade greeting cards and comic strips are some effective handwriting exercises for children. Worksheets, paint bags and glue writing are engaging tools for young children to practice basic letter formation, while comic strips and greeting cards encourage emerging writers and older students to practice handwriting.

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HandwritingWorksheets.com offers a variety of free printable worksheets for handwriting exercises in print, D'Nealian and cursive fonts. Visitors may customize the worksheets to practice single letters, words, sentences or paragraphs, and several options are available to create various types of exercises.

Children can fill a large zip-top bag with paint in a favorite color, and use an unsharpened pencil, cotton swab or similar object to write words or letters in the paint. A bottle of glue is another intriguing alternative to traditional handwriting exercises. Kids may add a few drops of food coloring to the bottle for color, or sprinkle the glue letter or word with glitter before it dries.

Parents can provide card stock, paper and fabric scraps, ribbons and other embellishments, along with markers, crayons, pens and pencils, and let children make their own greeting cards with original, heartfelt messages inside. Handwriting exercises that relate to a child's interests are also engaging. Parents may encourage children to create a comic strip, write a story for their younger sibling or to make custom trading cards to share with their friends.

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