What Are Some Halloween-Themed Coordinate Graphing Worksheets?

What Are Some Halloween-Themed Coordinate Graphing Worksheets?

Math-Aids.com, Math-Drills.com and WorksheetWorks.com offer a variety of Halloween-themed coordinate graphing worksheets that are printable and downloadable. These graphing worksheets feature such images as pumpkins, ghosts, bats and black cats.

In coordinate picture graphing, a series of lines is created by connecting dots, with the lines forming a picture.

Math-Aids.com offers numerous Halloween-themed graphing coordinate worksheets. To complete each picture, students must graph more than 40 ordered pairs. The jack-o'-lantern worksheet, for example, uses 155 ordered pairs and 16 discrete shapes to create the final image of a jack-o'-lantern. Materials on Math-Aids.com reflect Common Core State Standards and are available free of charge for classroom and individual use.

Math-Drills.com offers dozens of free downloadable Halloween-themed math worksheets. The graphing coordinate activities include images of candy, ghosts, witches, zombies and skeletons. This site also offers downloadable blank graph paper with Halloween messages written across the top.

The website WorksheetWorks.com allows teachers to create customizable coordinate graphing worksheets of jack-o'-lanterns based on whether the lesson includes single or multiple quadrants and grid lines or tick marks. Worksheets can also be customized to fit letter-sized or A4 paper.

The worksheets from the various websites include answers key for teachers, revealing the completed images and associated coordinates.