What Are Some Guidelines to Writing a Book?


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Some tips and guidelines for writing a book include starting with small, focused steps, creating an outline and setting aside time to write every day. Additional recommendations include choosing a good place to write and setting weekly goals.

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An achievable guideline for most people who want to start small when writing a book is to write at least 300 words per day, starting with an outline. Creating an outline entails writing a table of contents that serves as a guide. Further expand the book into sections, but avoid getting overcomplicating the structure. Every book has a beginning, middle and end, and thinking of it this way helps establish content guidelines.

Be consistent with writing and establish a specific time to write every day. It is okay to take a day or two off, but don't miss any personal deadlines. Choosing a special place to write helps establish the mood for writing. It should be a place that is different from where other activities are done.

Personal weekly deadlines can be centered around word counts, percentage of progress or other quantifying factors regarding the book. Enlisting the assistance of a friend or editor can also help ensure the book's progress stays on track.

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