What Are Some Guideline for Writing a Business Letter to a Church?


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Writing a business letter to a church follows the format of a standard formal letter. Make sure to use the proper title in addressing the church representative or letter recipient. The proper ecclesiastical form of addressing a church representative varies in each country.

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To make a business letter formal and credible especially when writing to a church, it is best to print on a letterhead. If you don't have one, you can simply type your name and contact information either centered or aligned to the top-left side of the paper. This is followed by the full name and complete address of the recipient. A business letter starts with the universal salutation "Dear," followed by the title of the church representative.

A business letter should be brief, straightforward and polite. Make the body of your letter concise and easy to understand. Ensure that all sentences are error-free in grammar usage, diction and use of punctuation. Use a standard 12-point font.

In ending a business letter to a church, a good general closing is "Yours sincerely," followed by the first and last name of the sender. Only the first word in the closing is capitalized. It is also important to address the envelope formally. Write your full name, your organization and your return address in the upper-left corner of the envelope, while the name of the church representative and the complete church address is placed in the middle.

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