How Do You Find Free Guided Meditation Sessions?

How Do You Find Free Guided Meditation Sessions?

The Chopra Center and UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center offer free guided meditation sessions to stream from their websites. Both sites contain guides for various goals that people may wish to achieve through meditation. Mobile device users can download the Headspace guided meditation app for free.

The Chopra Center's guided meditation sessions range from five minutes to one hour in length. They cover a range of objectives, with sessions aimed at awakening creativity, letting go of pain, and letting go of the need to control.

UCLA's meditation sessions are briefer, running between three and 19 minutes. The sessions also follow a range of themes, such as working through difficulties, loving kindness and a sleep session. Guides are also available in Spanish. UCLA offers a six-week course for more advanced practitioners.

Headspace is a series of guided meditation sessions that users unlock as they progress through the course. Hundreds of hours of sessions are available. Users can choose the sessions that best suit them, according to mood, lifestyle and session length.

Meditation can help people to deal with stress; it also has physical benefits, including lowering blood pressure and strengthening the immune system. Some studies show meditating helps people dealing with anxiety and depression.