How Do You Grow Pinto Beans for a Science Project?


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To grow pinto beans for a science project, plant the beans in a plant pot, spray the soil with water and place the plant in a warm room by a window. Take photos of the plant at different stages, and do not overwater the bean to prevent rot.

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For a science experiment, use a pinto bean that isn't treated with fungicide, which eliminates many commercial seeds. To plant the seeds, use a sterile window box or pot, and place clean stones at the bottom. Another option is to use a clear storage container, which allows you to see the root system.

Pour sterile soil into the container on top of the stones, and poke a hole into it about 2 inches deep with a finger or craft stick. Drop one seed into the hole. If putting more than one seed into a container, place the holes about 5 to 6 inches apart. Fill the holes with soil, covering the bean. Spray the top of the soil with water, and then place the container in a room that is warm and has a source of daylight. The best location for plants is a space on a window sill that does not allow the entry of cold air.

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