What Are Group Dynamics?

group-dynamics Credit: Alys Tomlinson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

According to Dictionary.com, group dynamics are behaviors that occur when people are grouped together either accidentally or by choice. There are many psychological processes involved when people interact with one another. Studying group dynamics can be useful in understanding why people act or think the way they do.

People in a group with positive dynamics generally get along and support one another, notes Mind Tools. Spending a lot of time in positive groups can also have positive psychological effects. Poor group dynamics has the opposite effect. Spending a lot of time with those who complain, criticize others or take pleasure in hurting feelings can influence a person negatively, causing them to develop the same or similar personality traits without even realizing it.

Many business owners strive to improve the group dynamics of their workforce, since this can lead to more business and increased profits. Positive group dynamic training sessions and seminars are common in the business world and on college campuses, but the concept is not often discussed in general social settings or in family settings. According to GroupTherapy.org, group dynamics also shape a person's thoughts and behaviors when it comes to racism, sexism, homophobia and much more. Group dynamics also impact a person's thoughts and ideas about himself and the world in general.