Where Are Some Great Places to Listen to French Words?


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A great venue for listening to French words in context is through one of the many French radio stations streaming live via the Internet. Other good sources include online French television channels, YouTube-posted grammar and vocabulary practice videos, and online flashcards.

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A number of French radio stations can be accessed free on the Internet, such as the popular news-based station France Info. If the listener prefers to investigate more varied subject matters, other stations are dedicated to cultural issues, youth programming, music and even regionally specific topics in the Francophone world. Television programs offer similar contextualization of words along with the opportunity to hear common usage, slang terms and idioms.

Among flashcard sites, Quizlet and Byki rank highly in quality and in the extent of flashcard sets available. While not all flashcard sets on these or similar sites possess correlating sound files, a great many do, and they are usually titled conveniently by topic. The listener can choose from such diverse categories of words as family terms, school supplies, verbal infinitives, clothes and weather. Video sites such as YouTube also offer extensive options for French auditory learning. The user can browse options by difficulty, from beginning to intermediate to advanced, and replay each video as many times as desired to bolster listening comprehension.

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