What Grants Are Available for Private Christian Schools?

What Grants Are Available for Private Christian Schools?

A variety of grants are available for private Christian schools. These grants can be for an individual teacher, a group of teachers, a classroom or an entire school, explains Opposing Views. Some grants are for collaborative endeavors, projects between teachers, or partnerships between a school and resident artist or educational expert. Some grants are for specific undertakings, such as purchasing and implementing technology or taking field trips.

One grant is the Teacher Development Grant, which, as of 2015, is $10,000 per year for an individual teacher or group of teachers, according to the McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation. This grant may provide a maximum amount of $30,000 over the course of three years. The aim of this grant is to boost student proficiency and instill a passion for learning.

Another grant is the Gale/Library Media Connection TEAMS Award, which provides $2,500, notes Gale/Cengage Learning. This award is to encourage collaboration between a media specialist and teacher to promote student learning and increase achievement. Cengage Learning and Library Media Connection funds this award and gives it every two years.

Target offers Field Trip Grants of up to $700 each, reports the retailer. These grants are for student enrichment and are available to public and private K-12 schools in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers a variety of government-funded grants to public and private schools, explains the organization. These grants fund basic operations, classroom innovation or increasing student achievement.