What Are Some Granddaughter Quotes or Poems?

granddaughter-quotes-poems Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Some poems about granddaughters are Kim Merryman's "Treasure of My Soul" and Joe Flach's "My Darling Little Granddaughter." Cona Adams' "Grandchildren" is a poem about the joys of having a granddaughter, as well as a grandson. Some other meaningful poems for granddaughters include "Unconditional Love" and "Treasure of My Soul," as noted by PoetrySoup.com. Others Include "Ten Little Toes" and "Sweet Granddaughter."

Kim Merryman's poem "Treasure of My Soul" is spoken from the perspective of a grandmother who is holding her first grandchild, a baby girl, in her arms and watching her as she sleeps. Joe Flach's poem "My Darling Little Granddaughter" is spoken from the perspective of a grandfather who had lost the will to live, but then regained it when he met his granddaughter.

The poem "Unconditional Love" reads, "The black water reflects the still morning while monarchs flutter in the rising sun. Purple skies grow lighter without warning separate rain, as rainbow colors run. Could I have seen a more beautiful sky? Silently approaching your silhouette, my eyes well slowly in their joyous sigh. You sit alone, playing your clarinet, there's no vision or reflecting water that warms my heart as this picture of you. A quivering heart for you, my granddaughter as you practice in tune with a sky so blue. I am a witness to your gentleness. I feel the music your soul can express."

"Sweet Granddaughter" is a short poem that reads, "Just for a while my pretty, sweet Vivian Rose, give me a smile!" The speaker may substitute any name for Vivian Rose.

"Ten Little Toes" goes, "Ten little toes, precious and sweet. Connected to chubby one-year-old feet. Running across my freshly washed floors. Muddy footprints that start at my door. Ten little toes, painted hot pink, from under the hem, they peek beneath. As she stands barefoot in her mom's dress, in the mirror, a seven-year-old fashion success. Ten little toes steps into her gown. So happy in love, her feet don't touch the ground. Standing there waiting for the first note, shoes in one hand, the other, the vows that she wrote. Ten little toes, a miracle to see, connected to chubby new born feet. Soon to be running across my floors. A granddaughter carried through my front door."