What Grading System Does the United Kingdom Use in Schools?


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While grading rubrics differ throughout the United Kingdom, the most common grading system assigns numeric values to letters A through F. A numeric grade between 75 and 100 corresponds to an A+; a grade between 0 and 34 is considered failing.

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There are both privately and publicly funded schools throughout the United Kingdom. Ninety percent of students attend publicly funded institutions. The remaining 10 percent of students attend private schools, which are actually called "public schools" in the United Kingdom. This name comes from a centuries-old designation meant to differentiate these schools from English schools that restricted access based on religion or some other limiting factor.

The last two years of a British student's secondary education are called college, corresponding to the 11th and 12th grades in America. After these years they attend university for their undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

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