What Grades Do Social Studies Alive Textbooks Cover?


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"Social Studies Alive" textbooks cover kindergarten through 12th grades. Publishing company TCI created "Social Studies Alive" to teach students about the world around them in an exciting way.

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"Social Studies Alive" programs for elementary school include Me and My World, My School and Family, My Community, Our Community and Beyond, and Regions of Our Country. Courses and supporting textbooks for middle school grades include The Ancient World, The Medieval World and Beyond, The United States Through Industrialism, The United States Through Modern Times, and Regions and People. High School Programs available from TCI with supporting textbooks include: Geography Alive: Regions and People, History Alive: World Connections, History Alive: Pursuing American Ideals, Government Alive: Power Politics and You, and Econ Alive: The Power to Choose.

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