What Are Grade Point Average Conversion Tables?


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A grade point conversion table is utilized to adjust a student’s grade between a letter and numerical grade. Each numerical grade ranges from 0 to 4, may contain a tenth decimal figure, and corresponds to a specific letter value.

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The grade point conversion scale is used at the high school and college levels. The top grade students may receive is usually 4.0 by achieving a grade percentage of 93% or better. For each grade that a student drops from this percentage, the grade point of 4.0 drops. For instance, a student with a 92% would receive a 3.9 grade point. Students attaining an overall percentage of below 65% receive a 0.0 grade. Some universities use a grade point step of .11 instead of .10 for greater accuracy.

Alternatively, a few universities incorporate a .5 step between major letter grades. This conversion step is not as frequent as A- grades are given the same grade point as B+. Universities may elect to incorporate an A+ grade point that converts to 4.3, but this is infrequent. Undergraduate grade point requirements are usually 2.0, while the minimum acceptable grade point average for graduate school is 3.0.

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