How Do the Grade Level Passages in Read Naturally Help Literacy?


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The different grade levels of the Read Naturally method all utilize a three-part strategy of teacher modeling, repeated reading and progress monitoring to increase student literacy, states the program's website. Literacy skills that Read Naturally seeks to impart include learning new vocabulary, increasing reading fluency, reinforcing sight words, motivating students and increasing self-confidence.

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The teacher modeling component of the program consists of the student reading a selected passage along with a recording. The goal is for the student to develop quality reading habits based on the expert on the recording. This component is useful for teaching correct pronunciation, phrasing and expression, as well as new vocabulary words.

The repeated reading component has the student read the exercises several times over to develop reading accuracy and expression, and to pronounce difficult words correctly. Read Naturally usually utilizes short non-fiction passages for the exercises that are of general interest to students. Once the student masters the passage, he is ready to progress to the next level.

Progress monitoring is meant both to chart the student's progress through the material and to build the student's sense of confidence. Read Naturally uses graphs that monitor and reflect reading skills and vocabulary according to the student's academic progression.

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