What Do Grade 3 Math Students Focus on at the Beginning of a School Year?


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Third grade math focuses on adding and subtracting numbers in columns, performing mental math, and the introduction of units of measurements. Roman numerals, geometry and fractions are also studied during this grade.

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Third grade marks the beginning of solving math problems using the order of operations. This is the process of completing addition or subtraction within parentheses before continuing on to solve the math problem. Students are also taught to round numbers up to the nearest ten and hundred. Along with solving more advanced math problems, learning how to tell time on different clocks is introduced. Students also learn how to draw the hands on a clock to represent the correct hour and minute. Monetary values are introduced, and students learn the four common coins along with the three lowest denominations of dollar bills.

Students are expected to be able to recognize the denomination of money and calculate totals. Multiplication tables are studied up to the number 12, and students should be able to complete missing factors in tables. Geometry lessons teach students the basic math of figuring out the perimeter, area and the size of a missing side on basic shapes like squares and rectangles. Measurements taught to students include conversion between cups, pints, quarts and gallons.

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