What Are Some Goodbye Quotes to Coworkers?

There are many ways to say goodbye to coworkers, and they range from humorous to sweet and earnest. The best goodbye quotes to coworkers use special knowledge of the person's history or performance to make the quote memorable.

One example of a humorous goodbye quote is, "The cold meeting room walls will feel even colder without a warm, helpful and considerate colleague such as you. Goodbye." Another example of a humorous goodbye quote is, "Having awesome coworkers is a bad habit, because now it will be impossible to work with someone else after you are gone. Farewell."

An example of a sweet and earnest quote is, "We are all worried about how the team's performance will decrease when you leave. But what?s even more important is that your leaving will make all of our hearts grieve. Farewell." Another earnest quote to share with a close colleague is, "You were always my best critic, my honest friend, my reliable partner and my dependable colleague. Goodbye, and please keep in touch."

Some goodbye quotes are both humorous and earnest. One example is, "If I could play one final prank on you before saying goodbye, I'd tie both your legs to the cubicle when you are not looking so that you could never actually leave us. Farewell."