What Are Some Good Yearbook Ideas?


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There are many good yearbook ideas, and there are no ideas that are wrong. What makes a good yearbook theme is an idea that is easy to understand. To develop a good yearbook theme, try brainstorming with a group. For example, "catching the moments" is a good theme, says YearkbookLife.

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To narrow down the possibilities of good yearbook ideas, try selecting a specific topic. For example, sticking to the topic of colors may help. Some color-related themes are "as good as gold," "out of the blue," "purple reign" and "the green book." Color-related themes may also be used to show school pride. Time is another good topic for yearbook ideas. Some time-related themes are "back to the future," "a flash from the past," "time for a change," "1,000 years in the making" and "only a moment ago."

Popular topics include memories, advice, freedom, dreams and popular sayings, according to Walsworth Yearbooks. If a more unique theme is needed, try topics that are used less. Some narrowly focused, and hence not as common, topics include faith and religion, patriotism and perspectives. For example, a faith and religion theme is "sowing saintly seeds," and a patriotic theme is "defender of the republic."

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