What Are Some Good Writing Topics?


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Some general examples of good writing topics include recent political events, environmental issues, new technological breakthroughs, scientific discoveries or inspiring personal stories. Abstract concepts, such as honesty, forgiveness, leadership and maturity are also good writing topics. Good writing topics must strike a balance between being too broad or too specific to make it possible to cover the topic without writing an overly long piece.

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Essays, speeches and blogs can be descriptive, narrative, instructional, comparative or persuasive. For example, provocative persuasive writing topics that follow these templates include arguments for or against legalized drugs, homeschooling, reality shows, video game violence, income taxes, public cigarette smoking, solar energy, the death penalty and mandatory college education. Complex or abstract topics can be written as extended definition pieces elaborating on common knowledge in order to educate the reader. Essays of this kind can cover topics such as sexism, good sportsmanship, trust, optimism or human rights. Essays can also draw analogies, relate cause and effect or explain a process.

If there are no restrictions on the format of the piece, familiar essays can be written on almost any topic about which the author has some knowledge, such as self-discovery, first impressions, chronic tardiness, manners, procrastination, dream interpretation, home remedies, societal expectations or white lies.

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