What Are Some Good Worksheets for Teaching Adjectives?

What Are Some Good Worksheets for Teaching Adjectives?

Adjective Synonyms, Adverb or Adjective, Identify the Adjective and Noun, and Comparative Adjectives are some good worksheets for teaching adjectives to early elementary school students. These and similar printable adjective worksheets are available for free on various educational websites.

Adjective Synonyms is offered as a PDF at K12Reader.com. The worksheet features 15 simple sentences with adjectives, along with a word box containing 15 similar words. Students must rewrite each sentence, substituting the correct synonym from the word box for the given adjective.

Adverb or Adjective is a two-page PDF worksheet from Teach-nology.com. Each of the 16 sentence groups contains at least two instances where students must decide if an adverb or an adjective completes the sentence correctly.

SchoolExpress.com has several worksheets that require students to identify the adjective and the noun it describes. The worksheets incorporate colored borders and example sentences illustrated by a colorful image. Students must write the adjective and the noun for six simple sentences. Visitors may save the PDF to their computers or print the worksheets from their browsers.

Comparative Adjectives is found at HaveFunTeaching.com and is also available as a PDF. Students add "-er" or "-est" to words in the word box to complete seven sentences with appropriate adjectives. This worksheet also requires students to write their own sentences using comparative adjectives.