What Are Some Good Ways to Teach Kids How to Read?

What Are Some Good Ways to Teach Kids How to Read?

Some good suggestions for teaching children how to read include reading to them at an early age, asking questions about the content of reading materials, encouraging decoding, and focusing both on phonetics and the alphabet with children. All children learn differently, so try out many methods to find out what works best for them.

Reading to children as early as infancy facilitates parent-child bonding, instills a love of reading in children and allows parents to share their passion for reading.

Another teaching suggestion is reading picture books with children while pointing at pictures on the pages and asking simple questions. This helps children become more engaged in the reading process and sets a foundation for learning about the connection between words and their meanings.

Once children learn more about the sounds each letter makes, encouraging children to decode while reading means instructing them to sound out words. Tell children to say the sound of each letter of a word and then combine them together.

Finally, children learning how to read need practice in learning what each letter looks like and how letters combine to produce phonemes, which are the smallest unit of sound in language. Reading books together provides some of that required practice time.