What Are Some Good Ways to Study for Question and Answer Quizzes?


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A good way to study for a quiz that requires written answers to questions is to make a list of subjects that are likely to appear on the quiz and study each subject separately to better absorb the information, according to KidsHealth.org. Also, come up with mock questions to answer as practice for the quiz. Try answering the questions without the aid of any textbooks or study notes.

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What Are Some Good Ways to Study for Question and Answer Quizzes?
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Many textbooks include questions at the end of each chapter. Such questions provide useful examples of what to consider while reading the information in the textbook. Take a break from studying about every 45 minutes, as the brain needs time to process information properly.

Always take good notes in class, as they make valuable study aids. Write down the things the teacher mentions or writes on the board. Pay special attention to anything the teacher stresses or repeats more than once during class, as questions regarding those pieces of information are likely to appear on any quiz or test. Place a special mark beside this type of information as a reminder of its importance. Reviewing notes after every class helps with future quizzes and tests, as consistent repetition makes information easier to remember.

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