What Are Some Good Ways to Study for the CLEP College Math Test Online?


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Using the sample problems on 4Tests.com, VarsityTutors.com, and the official CLEP website are good ways to study for the CLEP college Math test online. The CLEP website also provides detailed information about the test that can help a student study.

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CLEP's official website provides four study questions to help an individual study for the exam. After examining the answers and deciding which is correct, she can click Show Answer to check how she did. In addition, CLEP provides information about the categories of questions on the test and what percentage of the test contains those questions. CLEP also sells a College Mathematics Examination Guide for $10 that students can study online.

The website 4Tests.com also provides a description of the exam, as well as a 42-question practice exam. An individual can complete all 42 questions before seeing how she did, or she can click on Grade Exam at any point after the first question. A user can also check the answer of the problem she is currently working or save her progress in the exam and return at a later time.

Varsity Tutors provides two sets of practice exams to help individuals study for the CLEP Math test. Each practice test is 12 questions and their difficulty level is ranked by the website. A user selects the correct answer for each question and must complete the test and register for a free Varsity Tutors account to access her results.

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