What Are Some Good Ways for a Second Grader to Practice Math?


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Doing activities that involve addition or subtraction and offering incentives for correct answers to these math games help second-graders practice their math skills. Similarly, looking for patterns in everyday life helps to teach second-graders that math is everywhere.

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By second grade, students are generally dealing with double-digit addition and subtraction. Playing with money in stacks of 10 can teach a first or second grade student the basics of base-10 math, while playing with marked food in the kitchen can help a student practice addition. Parents can go grocery or bargain shopping and have their second-grader keep track of the prices, expenditures and savings, practicing addition along the way. Offering a monetary incentive, such as matching the savings, keeps children interested and reinforces the idea that math is used throughout life. Art projects such as collages and painting and construction play using blocks or Lego all offer other opportunities to practice mathematical concepts.

Parents should relax and avoid passing on any math anxiety they may feel to their children. By making math fun and interactive and by showing that math is an integral part of everyday life, second-graders can begin to think about math as more than just a problem written down on a piece of paper.

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