What Are Some Good Ways to Practice Handwriting Skills?


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Good ways to practice handwriting skills include sitting up straight when writing, gripping the pen or pencil so it rests on the base of the thumb and lowering the pressure of the imprint. The movement of the body should be guided by the shoulder instead of the hand and arm when practicing handwriting skills.

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Allow the lines on the paper guide the writing when practicing handwriting skills. Handwriting is often more legible and neat when the letters are the right proportion and size. Fill up the lined space completely when writing so capital letters stretch from the top of the line to the bottom line on lined paper. Lined paper helps individuals keep from writing downhill or uphill, which keeps the handwriting legible and neat.

Prepare the workspace so it has ample room during practice, and holding the pen or pencil at a 45-degree angle from the writing surface also helps. Begin practicing by focusing on mastering capital letters and larger shapes first. Transition to lowercase letters when size and proportions of the capital letters are correct. Practice handwriting often to master the skill. Individuals who draw shapes and illustrations can help improve handwriting by focusing on lines and curves that are common in alphabet letters.

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