What Are Good Ways to Learn Amendments for Kids?


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An effective strategy for teaching kids the constitutional amendments is a memory technique where they associate each amendment with a physical object. The kids think of a specific way the object reminds them of the amendment. For example, they could associate the second amendment with an electric fan because the second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms and the fan's blades are similar to weapons.

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When conducted in a classroom, this technique starts with the teacher asking the class to identify ten objects in the room, which must be prominent, permanent and stationary. These ten chosen items are termed the hooks. The teacher then assigns each hook a number one through ten. The students must memorize the number of each object. Each hook is then assigned to the amendment with the corresponding number. The teacher then explains the protections guaranteed by each amendment and asks the students to think of how each amendment can be associated with the object that corresponds to its number. For example, the teacher explains that the fifth amendment guarantees the protection against illegal search and seizure. The window is associated with the fifth amendment because it reminds the students that if a police officer is peering in a citizen's window, the citizen has the right to ask the officer to leave if he does not have a warrant.

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