What Are Some Good Ways for Kids in Fourth Grade to Practice Reading?


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Some good ways for fourth-grade students to practice reading are by reading more often, completing reading activities and playing reading games. Students should complete these activities at school as well as at home.

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Reading at home is one of the best ways for a fourth grader to practice and develop better reading skills. Comic and joke books can encourage them to read more, but children should also read books that challenge their reading levels. School and public library catalogues, as well as most book retailers, offer the option to search through books based on reading level. Fourth graders should read books at or slightly above their current reading levels to develop better reading skills and learn new vocabulary.

Another way for fourth graders to practice their reading skills is through activities, worksheets and games found online, in books or at retail stores. Education.com has a large selection of fourth-grade reading worksheets and activity suggestions. AdaptedMind.com offers short stories and related questions to help fourth graders practice reading comprehension skills. Other websites such as ABCYa.com and JumpStart.com also offer reading games for fourth graders.

Public and private schools often have paid accounts for online reading resources that students can access for free from home computers. These resources also offer grade-level activities and games to help fourth graders practice reading.

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