What Is a Good Way to Study for a Spelling Test?


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Some methods to study for a spelling test include using multimedia spelling programs, writing words on sticky notes around the house, playing word games and using spelling words in a story. These methods emphasize different types of learning and help children find new ways to memorize word spellings.

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What Is a Good Way to Study for a Spelling Test?
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Spelling programs encourage children to study words using audio, video and interactive elements, which are more effective for some learners. Online applications such as SpellingCity.com and K5 Spelling are popular interactive tools that make studying spelling words fun and engaging. In the days or weeks leading up to a spelling test, children can write difficult spelling words on sticky notes and post them around the house. Whether the notes are on the refrigerator, closet door or bathroom mirror, seeing the words frequently can help students commit them to memory.

Playing word games such as Hangman or word searches using spelling words are also useful methods to learn spelling. Putting the words in different contexts help students learn them more effectively. A less conventional method to study spelling is to incorporate the words into a short story. Kids can take their spelling words and write a story that includes each word at least one time.

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