What Is a Good Way to Learn Fluent Chinese?

Some good ways to learn fluent Chinese include subscribing to the Rosetta Stone educational software, using the free workbooks and MP3s provided by the Foreign Service Institute, and taking classes at the Confucius Institute. Some companies also offer educational programs that employees can use to learn Chinese.

The U.S. military and some corporations prefer to use Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese. The software, which users purchase, offers a three-level Mandarin course. Through the Foreign Service Institute, the U.S. government develops and offers Mandarin courses to the public for free. Individuals who wish to learn in non-virtual environments can also register for classes at the Confucius Institute. The Chinese government has partnered with universities in America to set up more than 50 of these language institutes.

One of the best ways for individuals to learn Chinese by themselves is by using music videos annotated with in-text definitions. Music videos enable learners to familiarize themselves with intonations and pronunciations that can only be learned through exposure. Watching Chinese shows with subtitles and making regular conversations with language partners who speak Chinese are good ways to learn new vocabulary. Using audio books that come with Chinese course textbooks and listening to podcasts also enable learners to learn Chinese in a stimulating environment.