What Are Some Good Vocabulary Words That High School Students Should Know?

What Are Some Good Vocabulary Words That High School Students Should Know?

High school vocabulary words/phrases include photosynthesis for high school ecology, condensation for chemistry, alpha particle for physics, continental shelf for earth science and central nervous system for biology. Additional vocabulary words include dependent variable, scanning tunneling microscope, human genome project, law of conservation of energy and habitat conservation plan.

Plants and some forms of algae and bacteria use the process of photosynthesis to harvest energy and manufacture their own food. Specifically, living things harvest sunlight and use the energy to transform carbon dioxide into sugars that can be consumed. Chloroplasts are where most photosynthesis takes place.

Condensation is part of the water cycle, specifically the part of the process where water vapor turns to liquid, usually high in the atmosphere. Condensation aids in the formation of clouds, which in turn may send the water back to earth.

Alpha particles come from alpha decay and have two protons, two neutrons and a charge of +2. The alpha particle is heavily interactive with other matter. The particles usually do not travel far.

The central nervous system of the human body divides into the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system, both of which aid in the transport of information throughout the body. The brain and spinal cord are two parts of the nervous system.