What Are Some Good Transition Words for Essays?


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Some of the best and most commonly used transition words for essays are "because," "however," "therefore" and "consequently." Transition words fall into a number of different categories. For example, some transition words convey a time and place, and others help compare, contrast and summarize ideas and concepts.

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What Are Some Good Transition Words for Essays?
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Transition words are most often used to begin paragraphs and transition from one statement to another. The transition words “in addition,” “further” and “moreover” are great transition words to use to link two statements together that discuss the same topic or idea. To signify time and place, use transition words such as “once,” “meanwhile,” “during,” “next,” “then,” “wherever,” “beyond” and “neighboring on.”

Some essays call for comparing or contrasting a certain topic. The words "likewise,” “similarly,” “on the other hand” and “in contrast” work well to discuss like topics and opposing points. To explain a cause or effect, use the transition words “since,” "as a result,” “thus” and "hence."

There are also certain transition words for linking ordered statements, such as introductions that outline the arguments of the essay. Use words such as"first," "secondly" and "lastly" to transition between sentences in this type of paragraph. At the conclusion of an essay, use words that summarize the content of the essay, such as "in sum," "in short" and "in conclusion."

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