What Are Some Good Topics for a Three-Minute Demonstration Speech?

Some good three-minute demonstration topics center on simple food preparation, such as how to create variations of a grilled cheese sandwich, whip up a smoothie or make an icee. Other possibilities describe simple household tasks, including arranging flowers, setting the table or repotting a plant.

Demonstrations sometimes cover favorite sports. Examples are how to clean golf clubs, fix a bike tire or serve a tennis ball. Short artistic projects are sometimes presented, such as coloring eggs, wrapping a package attractively and creating a simple centerpiece. Other general categories from which presenters draw ideas include home improvement, health and beauty, nature, culture and games.

When selecting a topic for a demonstration speech, presenters first should consider activities they both know how to do and enjoy doing. Time is an important concern, as well. Three minutes is a short period for presenting material, so the presenter should choose a clear and direct theme. By the end of the demonstration, a complete learning experience must have occurred.

Other criteria are also involved in deciding on a topic. The subject should be one the spectators find interesting and valuable, but it also must be safe. The presenter should have access to all the materials necessary to show the process in the allotted space and time.