What Are Some Good Topics Outlining Cause and Effect?


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Some good topics that outline cause and effect include the Civil War, the repercussions of cheating in schools and how bullying affects victims. These essay topics are used to illustrate the relationship between cause and effect.

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The American Civil War is a common cause and effect essay topic, since both its causes and effects are so wide-reaching. An essay might examine the ingrained causes of the war, including slavery, agriculture and economics, alongside the long-term social, political, geographical and cultural effects.

A relatable topic for any student, cheating in schools is another issue that stands up as a useful example of causes and effects. An outline on the topic would likely examine the main causes of cheating, including academic competition and increasingly rigorous college admissions standards and the use of technology. Effects might include the culture of cheating, increasing acceptance of the practice and schools’ efforts to curb academic dishonesty.

Another pertinent topic for students, examining the causes and effects of bullying sheds light on an issue that affects nearly all schools. An outline for the essay might address the roots of bullying, such as family problems and the easy anonymity of Internet communication, along with the issue’s effects, including suicide, social stigmatization and the measures schools take to prevent bullying.

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