What Are Good Topics for a High School Debate?

good-topics-high-school-debate Credit: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

Good debate topics include student dress codes, literature topics, social media concerns, government and politics and anything else that encourages critical thinking, teaches persuasion skills and engages students in the discussion. Debates help create a positive classroom environment where learning becomes fun. Any topic that the students are familiar with and have a reasonable difference in opinion works great as a debate topic.

The debate topics can be separated into various areas of interest, such as general, literature, science and technology, social studies or silly topics.

Literature topics can be created using famous literary characters or stories to determine who was responsible Romeo and Juliet's death, if it was justified to assassinate Julius Caesar or if Frankenstein or his creator is the real menace.

Science and technology topics can cover anything from stem cell research to performance-enhancing drugs. A topic that gets a lot of student involvement is whether the Internet has caused more harm than good.

Social studies topics cover trending issues such as if the death penalty should still be used, if weapons of mass destruction should be abolished or if it is good for the government to take over health care.

A good debate topic does not necessarily have to be serious. Silly topics, such as which animal is better or which superhero would win a battle or even the hot topic of whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable, get the students involved and encourages critical thinking.