What Are Some Good Topics for a Debate?

Some engaging and popular debate topics include issues such as whether or not animal testing is justified, if violent video games encourage violent acts, whether media censorship is okay, and if it is justifiable for schools to teach art and music. Other debate topics are whether or not cloning animals is ethical, and whether there is life after death. The best debate topics have two distinct schools of thought that directly conflict and oppose one another.

The ultimate appropriateness of a debate topic depends on the age of the individuals involved in the debate as well as the venue of the debate. For example, different topics and branches of discussion are appropriate in a college-aged debate club that are not acceptable in a fifth-grade classroom.

Additionally, chosen debate topics must not be solely based on opinion. Before discussing a topic in an actual debate, both sides should perform research so that studies, evidence, expert opinions and facts for both sides of the issue can help facilitate an interesting and intelligent discussion within the debate. If none or only one side of a topic is supported by facts, then the debate often falters, because there is a lack of discussable elements on the topic.