What Is a Good Topic of a Commemorative Speech?


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A good topic of a commemorative speech is a narrative or an anecdote that is inspirational. A commemorative speech is generally used to pay tribute or respect to a person, usually used to transform or inspire an audience who feels empathetic to the tribute's situation. These short speeches last no longer than 5 minutes and are traditionally given at events such as weddings, funerals, remembrance days and dedications.

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When choosing a topic of a commemorative speech, it is important to both understand the speech's audience and to keep in mind the person that will be discussed in the speech. These two factors will determine the appropriateness of possible subjects and the expected level of engagement from the audience. The topic should be such that it is able to grip any audience and inspire them to change or reform their perspectives.

The overall goal of the speech should be to unite the audience on a common mission. Brainstorm any shared experiences, values or beliefs to find a focus for the speech. This focus will help gain empathy from the listeners, particularly when it is directly connected to the honoree being spoken about. Also, try to predict what the audience anticipates to hear from the speech so that expectations are fulfilled. Deliver the speech with sincerity and emotion, but avoid excessive praise or exaggeration that can embarrass the honoree.

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