What Are Some Good Topic Choices for a High School Speech?

Employment for high school students, changes to the school rules, changes to age requirements and pop culture are several good topic choices for a high school speech. Financial topics, such as the importance of opening a savings account, are also good choices.

Students assigned to give a speech should choose a topic they personally find interesting to be successful in delivering the speech persuasively. Examples of topics about employment for young people include reasons why businesses should hire young individuals, whether a high school student should have a job, and the most recommended or least favorable jobs for students. When talking about employment, a person may share his personal experiences to lay the foundation for a strong argument.

Several examples of topics about school changes include why the school should provide a higher number of parking passes, the importance of having a women?s center at school, why it is essential for students to seek mediation when resolving conflicts, and why the school should offer tutoring free of charge.

Age requirement is likely an interesting subject for high school students because many young people cannot access certain things or join events due to age restrictions. Students can give a speech about changing the driving age to allow younger students to pass a safety and driving training class.