What Are Some Good Talent Show Ideas for Kids?

Some good ideas for kids in a talent show are ventriloquism, singing, drawing, dancing, comedy or magic. Other possibilities are karate, magic, jump rope, juggling or playing an instrument. The best talent for a child to show is one that they are naturally comfortable with or have lots of practice at.

A variety of instruments can be used in a talent show. Common ones include drums, clarinets, flutes, harmonicas, pianos and violins. More unusual instruments are guitars, piccolos, saxophones, oboes, harps or even kazoos. Technology has made it possible to allow kids to perform in different ways, with programs such as "Guitar Hero," "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Rock Band."

If there is a group for the talent show, children can participate in choreographed dance routines, comedy routines, movie scene reenactments or anything involving synchronization. Singing acts can be performed by individual children or by larger groups, and singing is also suitable for groups with a number of different-aged children.

Talent acts with pets are popular with kids. Some dogs can be trained to go through intense obstacle courses. Others can do more common tricks, such as sit, stay, fetch, roll over and play dead. These tricks are more basic but suitable for a kids' talent show.