What Are Some Good Subtraction Worksheet Exercises?


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Picture subtraction problems, single-digit subtraction, problems with missing numbers and three-digit subtraction with regrouping are some good exercises for subtraction worksheets, depending on a child's grade and skill level. Several websites publish free printable worksheets with subtraction exercises such as these, including KidsLearningStation.com, Math-Aids.com and K5Learning.com.

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Picture problems are good worksheet exercises to introduce preschool and kindergarten students to subtraction. KidsLearningStation.com offers several worksheets with pictures of shapes, fruits, vehicles and musical instruments. Students write the number of objects in each group in the blanks provided to create the correct subtraction sentence.

Single-digit subtraction exercises are beneficial for all age levels. Basic math problems, such as 7-2=? and 9-7=?, are fundamental to higher-level subtraction exercises. Single-digit subtraction worksheets, such as the 20-question PDF from K5Learning.com, are good practice for kindergarteners and first graders, while the 60-problem three-minute drill at Math-Aids.com is a good skill-building exercise for students learning to subtract three-, four- or five-digit numbers.

Subtraction problems with missing digits help students make the connection between addition and subtraction. K5Learning.com offers single-digit exercises for first graders, two-digit exercises for second and third graders, and more challenging missing number problems for older students. Math-Aids.com lets users customize worksheets with missing number exercises by choosing between two-, three- or four-digit numbers and selecting the desired number of questions. Subtraction worksheets with three-digit regrouping exercises are available at Math-Aids.com and K5Learning.com and are good practice for students in second, third and fourth grades.

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