What Are Some Good Study Tips for Grade 5?


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Some good study tips for fifth grade students are to schedule specific study times, study at the same time each day and to work on the most difficult assignment first. Also, class notes should be used when doing an assignment and a study group is good for difficult assignments.

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Studying can be thought of as anything done that relates to schoolwork. This includes assigned reading, a homework assignment, studying for a test or working on a project. If there are not specific times scheduled for studying, it can be difficult to accomplish everything.

Studying at the same time every day helps to establish a study routine, which eventually becomes a regular part of the day. A set routine helps the student mentally prepare for studying, as well. In terms of mental energy, the most difficult assignment usually requires more of it than the other assignments. Because students usually have the most mental energy at the beginning of a study session, it is important, to start with the hardest task.

Assignments often relate to information covered in class. Not only do class notes help a student complete an assignment correctly, they are also great tools with which to study for a test. Working with other students can make studying fun, and often, some students understand things that others do not. A study group should be limited to three to five members.

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