What Makes a Good Student Essay?

A good student essay clearly conveys the student's ideas to the reader. It uses a strong thesis statement to argue the student's attitude toward the topic question. Through facts, evidence, critical analysis and a compelling conclusion, a good student essay inspires the reader to learn more about the topic.

Essays come in different types, and each of them has a unique purpose that the student should focus on to make a good essay. For instance, an argumentative essay must convince readers to side with the writer on an issue. A descriptive essay gives an account of something with adequate clarity and detail, whereas a narrative essay relates a series of events and derives meaning from them. Regardless of type, all essays have an introduction, body and conclusion, each of which must follow a logical train of thought.

The student must devote enough time for brainstorming and research to make a good essay. Besides having great content, the essay must adhere to the formatting and other requirements as mandated by the writing guidelines. These include page numbers and margins, indentations, spacing and font style. Submitting an essay on time shows the student's capability of incorporating great ideas into written form while under a deadline.

In assessing college applications, essay evaluators do not focus on the essay's choice of topic so much as how it reflects the applicant's interests and values. They also use essays to gauge the applicant's creativity and writing proficiency.