What Are Some Good Strategies for Quickly Teaching Math to Second Graders?

Useful strategies for teaching math to second-grade students include using games, group work, manipulative tokens, and relatable examples to illustrate and practice concepts. Using these strategies to introduce math as a tool to solve real-world problems can help motivate young learners to understand and solve increasingly difficult math concepts.

To teach math quickly to second-graders, use increasingly difficult problems and model solutions in different ways. Use clear explanations, provide concrete step-by-step methods, and show how to solve problems before asking students to tackle new concepts on their own. Let students hear the steps and strategies by talking out loud as solutions are demonstrated. Change challenging problems by making one of the numbers a multiple of 10 before using other multiples. Then, move on to more abstract concepts only after a student can demonstrate comfort with the basics.

One method to support math learning is to provide engaging technology such as video games to encourage students to practice solving math problems with feedback from the game. Another option is to engage students visually by moving marbles or pieces of candy to help students visualize the problem as you show the solution. Then, encourage students to use these manipulative tokens as they solve the math problems themselves.