What Are Some Good Spelling Words for 6th Graders?


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Lacquer, cologne and sleuth are good sixth-grade spelling words because they are often spelled incorrectly. Sixth-grade spelling also focuses on word families, root words, and prefixes and suffixes, making words such as requirement, deflate and independence great choices as well.

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In the sixth grade, students' vocabularies are rapidly expanding. Sixth-grade science and math curricula require students to spell more difficult words, such as radius, crystallize, precursor and significant. The vocabularies predominant in all sixth-grade subjects therefore provide good options for sixth-grade spelling lists.

Words such as pharmaceutical, idiosyncrasy, and bureaucratic are among the more difficult words found in common sixth-grade spelling lists. Crime, timid and petting are among the easier sixth-grade spelling words. Some sixth-grade spelling tests include a combination of basic words, such as consider and trouble, along with more challenging words such as literature or aghast. Country, state and city names are often included among sixth-grade spelling words.

The use of word games, such as hangman, word search puzzles and word jumbles, is an effective visual spelling strategy when teaching spelling in the sixth grade. Morphemic spelling strategies focus on how the meaning of the word impacts its spelling by focusing on the roots of words in Latin and Greek and exploring how the addition of prefixes and suffixes change a word's meaning. Students also benefit from worksheets that require them to use the assigned words in sentences.

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