What Is a Good Spelling Test That Includes Commonly Misspelled Words?

Merriam Webster's Spell It is a good test to practice commonly misspelled words. Various websites, including NerdTests.com, BusinessWriting.com and Grammar.About.com, offer similar quizzes that focus on common misspellings. Features and formats vary depending on the test source.

"Spell It!" is a collaboration between Merriam Webster and Scripps National Spelling Bee. The MySpellIt.com website serves as a practice resource for school spelling bee winners preparing for higher-level competitions, and includes a list of 75 frequently misspelled words. The "Spell It!" word game quizzes users on 10 random words from the list. The game provides audio of the pronunciation, along with an example of the word in a sentence, and the user types the correct spelling.

NerdTests.com publishes a 20-question spelling test that includes commonly misspelled words that begin with the letter "A." Test takers select the correctly spelled version of the word from three possible choices, and then submit their answers for immediate scores and statistics.

BusinessWriting.com offers an online spelling test that features 25 words that are commonly misspelled in business writing. Two of the words highlight variations between American and British English. Each question has five multiple-choice answers, including four possible spellings and an "I don't know" option.

"Only One Is a Word" is a pen-and-paper spelling test from Grammar.About.com. The quiz consists of 25 commonly misspelled words, each with two possible spellings. This test contains several less common words, making it more challenging.