What Are Good Speech Topics for Seventh-Grade Students?

good-speech-topics-seventh-grade-students Credit: LBJ Foundation/CC-BY 2.0

Topics like current events, social issues, political and global affairs and student life are all popular topics for seventh-grade speeches. Good topics for middle schoolers to speak on are relatable, current and ones that students feel comfortable speaking about.

Public speaking in seventh grade is not always easy for students, so a speech topic should be one they are comfortable with and can connect to. Current events such as national healthcare, the death penalty, abortion and environmental protection give children the opportunity to explore both sides of issues that are debated on a national scale. Additionally, speaking on social topics allows seventh graders to be informed about issues occurring in society, such as gay marriage, euthanasia, animal rights and homeschooling.

While topics that relate to current events as well as social, political and global issues are all good choices, seventh graders may be able to better relate to a topic based on student life. Some topics include necessity school uniforms, if homework should be mandatory and required number of physical education classes each week. No matter what topic is chosen for a speech, the student should be interested and comfortable with speaking about it in front of a classroom full of students.