How Do You Find a Good Source of Quotes?

How Do You Find a Good Source of Quotes?, and are all websites where you can find good sources of quotes. Each website contains a mixture of editors' picks and member-contributed quotes attributed to celebrities, famous thinkers, academics and writers.

At, you can review the quote of the day, peruse thousands upon thousands of quotes by author, topic and even picture. Choices of topics run the gamut from quotes about age to those about work, and even include niche categories, such as jealousy and patriotism. The database of authors is alphabetized by last name and encompasses Maya Angelou to Frank Zappa., a social media platform for book lovers, contains a selection of quotes that members contribute. On the home page, click More Quotes, and then sample the quote of the day, or browse by new or most recent quotes, popular quotes and those that your friends or family submit. You can search for quotes by author or keyword, and you can like quotes on Facebook. represents a lifetime of collecting favorite quotes. The array of available quotes is vast and extends to obscure subject categories, such as quotes for Administrative Assistants Day, black Friday shopping, civil disobedience, social anxiety and vegetarianism. Website visitors can search for quotes using any terms, names or subjects.