What Is a Good Slogan for Class Treasurer?

Some good slogans for class treasurer are "Show me the money! Vote for Bob!" or "Vote Mary for treasurer! It just makes cents!" Candidates should choose slogans that are short and to the point, or those that offer up a unique play on words.

Running for class office is a good way for students to get involved in school. The role of class treasurer gives him or her a chance to get their feet wet in student politics without taking on a bigger role such as class president. As treasurer, the student is in charge of fundraising activities and budgeting that money for future projects.

Coming up with a good campaign slogan for class treasurer is pivotal to a successful outcome. Something short, catchy and colorful is best. It should be memorable, something that sticks with people hours or even days after they hear it. Use of alliteration, puns or even references to pop culture are common tools when writing slogans. For example, a slogan with a twist on a popular ad for a credit card might go something like "School Lunch: $3, School Supplies: $20, Mary for Class Treasurer: Priceless." Those voting always appreciate sweet tokens such as gum or candy. A candidate may have a successful campaign handing out bubble gum with the slogan "Chews Mary for class treasurer!"