What Are Some Good Skits for Black History Month?

"Anansi the Spider and the Middle Passage" and "Now Let Me Fly" are plays that relate to Black History Month, requiring a flexible cast of five to twenty people. "Anansi the Spider and the Middle Passage" is about staying strong through an era of slavery, while "Now Let Me Fly" is about the struggle to end legalized segregation in America.

"Anansi the Spider and the Middle Passage" is a story about a mother and a daughter who are sold into slavery after being kidnapped. To ease their fears and struggles while traveling on a boat to America, the mother tells an African folktale of a spider named Anansi who inherited a box of stories from the Sky God. The stories revolve around the effects of greed and the strength within every individual that are sometimes forgotten. After each story, Anansi's character develops and evolves, which allows Shontay, the daughter, to seek comfort in Anansi's strength throughout the duration of their trip overseas. The stories of Anansi give Shontay and her mother meaning and life while facing the hardships of slavery.

"Now Let Me Fly" is about Thurgood Marshall's struggle to overthrow the United Supreme Court's "Separate by Equal" doctrine in the 1950's. Thurgood Marshall is the protagonist who begins to feel defeated when attempting to desegregate the United States. When a ghost by the name of Charles Houston appears, they are taken on a journey to the past, looking into the lives of the men and women who began the struggle against segregation. After traveling different parts of the country, Marshall finds determination in pursuing his dream of abolishing segregation laws.