What Are Some Good Second Grade Projects?

What Are Some Good Second Grade Projects?

Some good project ideas for second graders include scenic dioramas, paper bugs and body tracings. Magazine collages are also simple projects for students in second grade.

A scenic diorama requires a shoe box, construction paper, scissors, markers, glue and various craft supplies. Using construction paper and markers, students create an atmospheric scene inside the shoe box. Some ideas include an ocean, garden or outer space. Students often add other craft items such as cotton balls, craft sticks and felt.

Paper bugs are made with paper towel rolls, construction paper and markers. Students cut the paper towel rolls into smaller sections to form several insect bodies. Construction paper and markers are used to decorate the bugs.

Body tracings require large banner paper and crayons or markers. The students or teachers cut the banner paper into lengths of about four feet and place them on the floor. Student lie on their sheet of paper, while another student traces the bodies. After tracing each other, students label the body parts and decorate the drawings to look like themselves.

Collages are an easy project made with poster board or construction paper, old magazines, scissors and glue. Students clip pictures of food, animals or other themed items from the magazines. Kids then arrange the magazine pictures and glue them onto the poster board to create a collage.