What Are Some Good Science Projects for Students?


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Some good science projects for kids are Make Your Own Lightning, Blindfolded Taste Test, Paper Bridge for Pennies, Extracting Onion DNA, The Chemistry of Hair Highlights and Digital Voice Analysis, according to Science Buddies. Teachers can use these projects to teach science in the classroom or have students present them at a science fair.

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One science project for students interested in electricity is Make Your Own Lightning. This project requires an iron or steel pot with a plastic handle, rubber gloves, a plastic sheet and an iron or steel fork. Tape the plastic sheet to a tabletop and turn off the lights in the room. Put on the rubber gloves and rub the pot vigorously onto the plastic sheet by holding it by the plastic handle. Bring the fork prongs close to the pot's rim to make a spark.

Biology students may prefer the Blindfolded Taste Test project. This project uses a blindfold, four bowls and 20 jellybeans of four different flavors. It tests how a person's sense of smell is related to their ability to taste. Blindfold several subjects and have them eat a jellybean and say its flavor. Then, have them hold their nose and eat another jellybean of the same flavor. Record their response.

Other science projects for students include Strength of Different Construction Materials, Solubility of Proteins, Lunar Crater Counting, Turn Milk into Plastic and Determining Iodide Content of Salt.

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