What Are Some Good Science Projects for Kids?


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Simple, fun science projects for kids are based on some basic science lessons that are not too complex for kids. They can be projects on life science, general science, physical science, chemistry, Earth and space science, or dissection guides projects that are easy to understand.

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There are various science project ideas for kids that are based on certain basic science principles that are easy to apply. Kids can test their skills on technology by making string phones that don’t require special material or skill to make. They can also do a project on the functions of the computer, cameras, cell phones, alternative fuel sources, and other areas of technology.

Chemistry ideas are also great for kids who are interested in forensics, chemicals and chemistry related fields. The projects are based on acid-base reactions experiments, crystal science projects, color change tricks, fireworks science, electroplating metals, growing gems and many more. Such projects don’t involve highly reactive substances that are dangerous to kids.

In the field of biology, there are many ideas from which kids can come up with a science project. Kids can dissect small animals that don’t have complex systems for them to understand. There are other projects on bacteria experiments, building a DNA model, flower dissection, building a wormery, DNA extraction from home, experiments to prove photosynthesis and much more.

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